about Dominik Lendi

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Dominik Lendi was born in Zug in 1973 and grew up in Unterägeri ZG. He already performed in his teens with the Swiss Folk music band "Gupfbuebä" on piano. After his graduation from high school (Kantonsschule Zug) he studied double bass with Yoan Goilav and Ovidiu Badila at the Basel Music Academy. After receiving his bachelor's degree (Lehrdiplom) he earned an Advanced Studies Degree studying under Dennis Trembly (principal double bassist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra) and Jazz bassist John Clayton at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


Since his return to Switzerland in August 2002 he has performed with classical orchestras such as the Basel Chamber Orchestra, Basel Festival Orchestra, Camerata Schweiz, Zurich Symphony Orchestra, 21st Century Orchestra, Zuger Sinfonietta, Collegium Musicum Zug, and many more. 


Dominik Lendi  has always been impressed by the variety of styles the double bass is used for. He passionately (used to) perform(s) as a double bassist with "Drumlin" (www.drumlin.ch), with the Bluegrass Band "Rosewood Delight" (www.rosewood-delight.ch),  and with the Kapelle "Gupfbuebä" (with Dani Häusler - clarinet/saxophone, Jörg Wiget - accordion and Ueli Stump - piano), which had its comeback in 2006.


He has been involded in projects of various music styles. His passion for Swiss Folk music lead the double bassist to projects with bands such as the Kapelle Jost Ribary - René Wicky, the Alderbuebe or the Nadja Räss Quartett.


Projects and concert tours lead Dominik Lendi outside Switzerland to Germany, Austria, Italy, Sardinia, France, Spain, Mallorca, the Canary Islands, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Russia, the USA, Kenya and on cruises in the Mediterranean and  the Indian Ocean.


Dominik Lendi resides in Oberrieden at the Lake of Zurich (Switzerland) and teaches the double bass at the music schools of Unterägeri, Menzingen and Neuheim.


I feel privileged to pass on the joy which I get from being a double bassist to my students and the concert audience! (Dominik Lendi)